November Class Resources

Tools I really use in my kitchen.

These chilis give the right kick to my Casa Sylvia Meatloaf and so many other good things … my pantry would be bare without these!

This clay pot is almost exactly the one my mother-in-law gave me 22 years ago! I love it!

You could totally use a mason jar, but I love this little dressing shaker. It has measurements and is just the right amount of dressing for our family of 4 to use before it goes bad in the fridge.

It really is about the tools sometimes! My micro planer broke a few months back and so I got this one. I love it. BUT I love the slicer tool on it even more! Perfect for slicing shallots like in the bonus salad and vinegarette recipe this month.

White balsamic vinegar – the key to the dressing for dressing this month! This is the one I used.